Double-Duty Office Workspace and Dining Room

Yvette Marquez of Muy Bueno Blog not only fills her home with delicious, authentic Mexican recipes but she also adds tradition and style through décor. Spending quality time with family while enjoying great food is what fueled the Muy Bueno Blog. See how Yvette merged her dining space and her everyday workspace with the help of The Home Depot.

Hola, I am Yvette from Muy Bueno, and I’m excited to share my double-duty office workspace studio and dining room project on The Home Depot Blog!

As a food blogger I have collected quite a bit of props – dishes, silverware, linens, textiles, cookware and small appliances just to name a few. Not to mention my collection of Mexican pottery and obsession with thrifting.

I finally had the idea to turn our rarely used formal living room into an office/studio/prop space/dining room.

Before the Makeover

Here’s a before picture of the living room. This room was filled with oversized furniture, and the room was dark and rarely used.

After the Makeover

Now, I have a stylish double-duty workspace and dining room using transitional pieces that transform a casual home office for everyday use into a prop storage space, studio space and added dining space.

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4 Timeless Color Schemes That You Can Use For Your Bathroom Interior

The bathroom is certainly one of the mostintimate spaces in your whole home. This is where you actually begin your dayand even end your day. After getting up from the bed you need some real qualitytime to freshen up and get ready for the day that is waiting. Before going tobed, your bathroom is the place where you get rid of the tiredness of the wholeday.

So, when you are designing your bathroom interior,you surely need to think of these two very crucial moments of your day. Yoursurroundings all-ay long can have a serious impact on your mood. So, when youare getting ready and freshening up in your bathroom, its overall appeal willinfluence your mood too. And in this case, the color scheme that you arechoosing for the space is important. Now, for choosing the right color, youneed to think of style as well as its maintaining aspect. So, in the followingpoints, we will be discussing a few color schemes that will be perfect colorideas for your bathroom design. Take a look.

Black and White:

There is no other contrast and combinationthat can be so appealing and elegant like black &white for bathroom designs.When you are talking about the most timeless and sophisticated bathroominterior colors, choose the black and white contrast. For floors, you can goblack when your walls are painted in stark white. The fixtures of the bathroomcan be white. However, for faucet and showerheads, you can choose matte-finishedblack for a more modern and elegant appeal.

Blue and White:

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3 Stunning Creative Ideas to Incorporate Chic Black in Your Kitchen Interior

The color black is the symbol of passion, power, style, andtimelessness. Unlike the most common idea of black being bleak and monotonous,it can be a gorgeous style statement, just perfect for your kitchen. When youare thinking of creating a chic kitchen that will be classy, stylish andsophisticated, black can be the perfect hue to make it just the way you havedreamt of.

So, when you are planning to incorporate black in your kitchen décorand browsing through hundreds of experts’ blogs to find the best ways possible,we welcome you to this space. Here, after consulting many industry experts, weare bringing you some kitchen décor ideas with plenty of blacks in them thatwill make you go gaga over a black. Take a look at the following points to knowmore.

Let There Be Black:

Trust us on this, if you are following this idea, you will never gowrong with black. No, it is not over the top at all. In fact, all black willcreate a look for your kitchen that will be classy, masculine and sophisticated.All you have to do is get the right type of finish for your black fixtures. Forexample, when you are going black on your cabinetry, think of matte finishinstead of the glossy one. As kitchen cabinets are the main and mostpredominant fixture of the kitchen, it is obviously going to create the mainvisual impression for the space. And that is why the matte finish will beperfect. It can be juxtaposed with the glossy black finish of the applianceslike a fridge, OTG oven and microwave oven. This way, instead of being all toomonotonous you will get a balanced sophisticated look which can be an epitomeof stunning modern kitchen ideas.

Bring in the ContrastGame:

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How to Add Decorative Moulding to a Bathtub

One room in the house everyone uses is the bathroom. Read more below on how DIYer Marci Schneider was able to use some quick vinyl moulding to add an instant facelift to her bathtub.

Decorative moulding on the front of a bathtub adds an instant facelift to an outdated tub and really improves the overall look of a bathroom. Read on to see the full tutorial on how to easily add moulding to a bathtub and give it the makeover it needs!

Step 1: Prep

Using a putty knife, hammer, and pry bar, remove all existing trim or moulding pieces from the surface of the bathtub that you do not plan to use for this project. Make sure to also remove any baseboards that sit flush with the front of your bathtub and may get in the way of applying the new moulding (optional side note – save these baseboards for later as they may be reused again during Step 8). Clean the surface area of your bathtub well to remove all dust, stains, paint drips, and/or old glue on the surface of your tub where the new moulding will go. This is to ensure that the glue adheres to the bathtub properly.

Step 2: Tile Board

Measure the surface area of where your tile board is going to go. Cut the tile board according to your measurements using an oscillating multi-tool. Glue the tile board on the flat surface of your tub using Loctite Power Grab glue and a caulk gun. Spread an entire tube of the Loctite Power Grab glue evenly on the back of the tile board before pressing it to the surface of your tub. Reinforce the tile board in place to prevent sagging by using clamps if applicable. If clamps do not fit on the configuration of your bathtub, use heavy pieces of furniture or scrap pieces of wood laying around to secure the tile board in place. Let cure for 24 hours. Pro tip – place a piece of scrap wood in between the tile board and clamp to hold in place and allow clamp to fit over the bathtub. (see photo).

Step 3: Measure and Cut Vinyl Moulding

Using the measurements of your bathtub combined with the dimensions of the vinyl moulding, draw out a diagram of how your bathtub is going to look. This will allow you to determine how long each piece of vinyl moulding needs to be and where to make your cuts. Cut six vinyl moulding pieces according to your measurements using a miter saw (see diagram above labeled with stars). Suggestion: cut one piece at a time and make sure it fits in place incase your bathtub is not perfectly level. You may need to go back and make some minor adjustments. I had to do this a few times with a few pieces as our bathtub had settled unevenly. Measure twice, cut once!

Step 4: Glue Vinyl Moulding

Glue each piece of cut vinyl moulding to the tile board in order to create the three-panel design. (see photo). Secure the moulding pieces in place using clamps and/or extra pieces of wood.

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3 DIY Ideas to Warm Up the Living Room for Your Abode

Your home is the reflection of yourpersonality and your soul. The moment your guests enter your home, theyimmediately get a glimpse of the person you are. Whether you are a quirkyperson with a funny personality, that surely shows in the way you deck up thehome. If you are no-nonsense kind of personality, that will again findexpression in your minimalist décor style. So, when you are trying to find away to add a personal touch to your home décor, why don’t you go for some DIYideas?

Currently, easy DIY ideas for home décor are areally popular search term as more and more people are getting interested in it,and why not? DIY projects not only help you deck up your home the way you wantbut also it can offer you many benefits.

Why Goingfor DIY Projects for Home Décor is a Popular Choice:

The biggestadvantage of using DIY ideas can be the cost-effectiveness of it. You are notbuying anything fancy from the stores to deck up the place. You are not payingany hefty amount to some big branded store. You are rather using your householdstuff to create something that you are going to use to make your home lookbeautiful. So, obviously, it will save you a lot of money.You can useyour creativity. People often don’t realize that they can have amazingpotential for creativity. Easy DIY crafts can let you express creativity whereyou can have an amazing liberty to create anything you want and love, out ofanything.It is a greatactivity of leisure if you are looking for something productive to do during yourrelaxing hours at home.

So, in the following points, we are going totalk about some easy crafts to do at home that can effectively give a faceliftto your place. Take a look at the following ideas to know about 3 effective howto DIY ideas.

Door for the Long Bench:

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A Bookworm’s Nest – 3 Ideas To Design The Home Of A True Book Lover

Guess what we are going to talk about today!It is a nerd’s best dream ever. Yes, we are going to talk about how you candesign the nest of a bookworm who most of the time remains glued to the pages,tucked in bed or cuddled up on the couch, reading or scribbling for hours,completely oblivious of the world outside and blissfully so. Maybe you thinkthat the surrounding doesn’t really matter for a book lover who is alwaysemerged in pages, but it does.

Reading, for a book lover, is the best formof recreation. Books open a gate for them to a new world full of imagination,creativity and sometimes even unforgettable realities too. Books are not mereescapes. They can be actually the best companion on earth for solitaryevenings, the best source of knowledge you are looking for or the perfect wayto spend time in the most productive way for leisure. Now, when a book can beso many things for you, don’t you think that you need to create the perfect setup where you can spend more time with books in the coziest way possible? So, whileyou are going through a number of home décor blogs for some inspiring ideas,we, Home Improvement Ideaz, bring you some of the best design inspirations.Read on to know more.

A Crazy BigBookshelf, Duh:

When we talk about a bookworm, what is the first image that comes to your mind? A huge wall-occupying bookshelf carrying hundreds of titles that will just make anyone dizzy to look at,as the book lover smiles at your awe. Well, so, when you are designing your nest, this is the first thing that you need to get your hands on. After all, this is going to be the thing of your home interior design that will define who you are. This will also be the focal point of the room so that whoever enters your nest will immediately know you are a bibliophile, a nerd who prefers more to read instead of human interactions. You can go to a store and buy this item. Or you can keep track of different online stores offering such shelves that will suit your abode perfectly.

A Cozy Placeto Cuddle Up:

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Home Refresh with LifeProof Carpet

With a new home build, choosing the perfect flooring can be difficult. Kelsie Millet of Kelsie MM Photography was able to take advantage of a few Home Depot products, showing how choosing LifeProof Carpet can make a huge difference in the look and feel of your new home.

We were counting down the days to get our LifeProof Carpet installed in our home. In the past, let’s just say we have had some not-so-great experiences with carpet. To the point that I literally didn’t think we would do ANY carpet in this new home. That was until I found LifeProof Carpet. Their 25 year Wear Warranty, Lifetime (yes, you read that right) Household Stain/Pet Stain Warranty has me on board. I couldn’t really believe that they would have a lifetime warranty on stains! During my shopping experience at The Home Depot I asked if that is actually accurate, and he assured me that yes it was! He said as long as your carpet is being steamed/cleaned every 12-18 months for cleaning upkeep they will adhere to the warranty. AMAZING right?!

They have tons of different color and pattern options. I was floored. I had several favorites, but we ended up choosing to go with Lower Treasure, in the color Plaza Buff. It has a short pile, making it even easier with kids to upkeep.

Once you have picked out your carpet, The Home Depot will send someone to measure within just a couple of days. After that, lead time is typically about 4 weeks. They do, however, have some carpets that have a rapid turnaround of only 7 days!

Install day was so exciting! I can’t believe how quickly everything was laid down. Since our home is a new build we just had to make sure that we had paint and trim done before carpet came in. Other than that, The Home Depot took care of everything. In just a few hours, they laid the nail strips, padding and carpet in two bedrooms.

 I couldn’t be more happy with the final result of not only the carpet but my whole experience with The Home Depot. They were amazing from start to finish in making sure the carpet was going to fit my family’s needs and that install would be done to perfection. I could not recommend LifeProof Carpet enough to others, especially those with children.

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Choose Color Easy with the ProjectColor™ App: A Round Up

For many, the most exciting part about renovating your home is the painting. Especially when the job’s made fun and easy. See how these bloggers were able to tackle their paint projects with the help of Behr Paint and The Home Depot’s ProjectColor App.

Anika’s DIY Life Fun Room Makeover

Anika of Anika’s DIY Life knew that her son’s new dinosaur-themed room makeover would be fun and easy with the help of The Home Depot’s ProjectColor App They were able to decide on the perfect dinosaur greens, “Secret Meadow” and “Back to Nature.” It was bittersweet changing her baby boy’s room, but this colorful transformation was a true reflection of his growing personality. Check out Anika’s blog on how she brought this project to life.

Crisp, Clean Color Line Mural

Lindsay Zeulich of Wood Brain decided that her guestroom deserved a fun and funky mural design that bounced all around the room, from the walls to the ceiling and back. She used a variety of bright Behr colors, including “Extreme Yellow,” “Summer Dragonfly,” “Thai Teal,” “Real Teal” and “Deep Breath” for this cool transformation. See step-by-step here on how she was able to make it happen with the help of the ProjectColor App.

Colorful Abstract Focal Wall Mural

Rebecca Propes of Rebecca DIY took abstract to the next level as she gave her master bedroom a pink-popped accent wall which featured Behr colors like, “Heart Breaker,” “Beauty Queen,” “High Maintenance,” “Watermelon Punch” and “Sunset Pink.” She used various colors and techniques to bring this abstract mural to life. Check out her blog here to see how she did it.

DIY Brushstroke Accent Wall

Jessica Camerata of My Style Vita decided to skip the wallpaper and hand brushstroke her home’s gallery accent wall using a deep blue by Behr called “Hemisphere.” Hand painting her wall made the project a lot more fun and gave the room a more authentic feel. Head over to her blog to see how she did it. Every little detail matters.

Nursery Reveal with Seeking Alexi

It’s always exciting to prep the little one’s room before they get here. Alexi Politis of Seeking Alexi and her husband tackled their nursery paint project by testing whether a sprayer or a roller would get the job done faster. Check out her project video to see how they chose the perfect color of “Graphic Charcoal”  with the help of the ProjectColor App and which painting method worked best.

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How To Renovate a Kitchen for Entertaining & Stress-Free Meals

Renovate now to entertain later when it’s safe

Hosting friends and family in your home is a big job with a seemingly endless to-do list: from the cleaning marathon to the inescapable, last-minute trip to the wine store. Luckily, there’s a way to make the whole process easier: renovate your kitchen now so when it’s safe to gather again, you can entertain and enjoy. These Sweeten homeowners all renovated knowing their culinary spaces had great potential.

Sweeten matches home renovation projects with vetted general contractors, offering advice, support, and up to $50,000 in renovation financial protection— for free.

Here’s a look at how they built an entertainment-ready kitchen in their homes.

1. Keep the kitchen layout open

Let’s face it, the host shouldn’t be hidden away from guests while prepping hors d’oeuvres. A layout that leaves the kitchen exposed to the dining area allows you to enjoy your own party while keeping the food and drinks flowing. Marie and John wanted their Brooklyn adobe to accommodate their friends, children, and grandchildren, so they optimized their kitchen layout, leaving the dining and living areas open to the kitchen. Jennifer and Joe “entertain so much” they had to take a departing wall down except for a load-bearing one which was perfect for the fridge.

(Above) Open dining area and kitchen

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The What and How of Bathroom Cleaning: 5 Bathroom Components and How to Clean Them

It is a universal truth and factthat the first and foremost component of any household that requires cleaningis the bathroom(s). Due to their nature itself, it is obvious that we keep themclean, to make sure that our guests do not have to think twice before using itfor the second time (because for the first time, they won’t be having any ideawhat they are in for). Thus, we need to have clean and tidy bathroom which hasa positive effect on our guests and greet us in the way we expect them to.

It is not always possible to cleaneach and every component of your bathroom at once. And the best way to avoidhaving a tough time cleaning your entire bathroom at the end of the month is bycleaning each component at intervals.

Here are 5 bathroom components andhow to clean them in an effective manner:

Bathroom Sink: Do not let watermarks to build up- get to work cleaning the sink at the very first sign of marks or dirt and grime. First, fill the sink half-way with hot water. Next, you can either add spray cleaners or vinegar. Use a cloth and the solution to wipe the sink to the last inch of dirt mark. If need be, you can use abrasive cleaner or mix water and baking soda and use the paste to rub off grime. Keep in mind not to use abrasives on scratch-able surfaces.Bathroom Sink Drain: Another important component that requires seldom cleaning is your bathroom-sink drain. A drain that is left without cleaning for more than a month can certainly lead to stinky smells and hardened dirt and grime that can be really hard to get rid of; which is why it is suggested to clean the drain once every week at least and clean the debris. You might require a drain snake to clear the hardened clogs. Use a pipe cleaner (non-corrosive) to flush your drain clean.Toilet: Perhaps, the least favorite component of any bathroom décor, the toilet should be maintained in the cleanest of ways. Use the bathroom cleaning products (or, a mixture of water and vinegar) to spray on your toilet surfaces and wipe with a clean washcloth to the last bit.

As for the toilet bowl, sanitizing it using a good anti-bacterial solution (you can also use the mixture of bleach and water). Use a durable toilet wand for scrubbing every nook and cranny, let the solution sit for 12 to 15 minutes, then flush it off.

Shower Head: Due to regular usage, these can accumulate gunk very fast. An effective way to clean them is to tie a plastic bag filled with white vinegar on over the showerhead with the help of a rubber band. Let it be for approximately an hour, then remove it and turn on the water to flush. Then polish the head using a soft piece of cloth.

Another way is by using a rejected toothbrush and vinegar to wipe the head. Use toothpicks to clean the holes.

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The Holiday Fever: 5 Holiday Gatherings and How to Make the Most of Them

Along with winter, arrives theholidays. And along with the holidays, arrive the guests. Thus, it is onlynatural to prep things up beforehand so that we do not fall short of anything. Holidaysinclude not just one but many kinds of gatherings, each with its own theme. Andeach of these themes calls for a different kind of celebration.

Holiday cocktail party: Quite necessary and very much in season, cocktail parties are an intrinsic part of holidays that involves family and close friends.

A great way to elevate the nature of the cocktail party is to greet your guests with a glass of a premium cocktail at the very from where they are going to come in. This shows how happy and glad you are to have them in your company.

Another great way to complement the cocktail is to use drinkware, like a bar cart and even vintage glassware. All these certainly add to the Holiday party vibe.

White elephant party: Usually held indoors, the white elephant party can be a great deal better when celebrated outdoors.

Set out a table with sheepskins, blankets on the chairs, and place the heaters or fire pits in strategic spots around the table to keep the atmosphere warm. Or, level up by planning a camp-fire. Get yourself a guitar and sing away to the spirit of Christmas. All this, while the festivity gets going with warm dishes being served, such as soup, red wine, and the best of them all, s’mores.

Christmas Morning: Perhaps, the most important day of the holidays, Christmas morning does not follow any norm. It is to each, his or her own. However, a great way to begin the Christmas morning is to plan a perfect Christmas breakfast. 

What you can do is this. Before the others wake up, quickly start simmering a pot of coffee, cocoa will be better, light the fire or if not then the candle and set the breakfast table with eggs, bacon and pancakes( let it be inside that pretty little cake server until the others come down).

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3 Effective Ways to Decorate Your House Exterior this Christmas

Christmas, certainly it is the most beautiful time of the year. Thus, itis more than obvious that none of us leave a stone unturned to celebrate it inthe best way possible. A time to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ with allour family and friends. A time to celebrate togetherness. A time to celebraterelationships. A time to celebrate life. And a big part of our Christmascelebration is our own home sweet home.

No matter where we are, we always try to get back home and begin ourpreparations for Christmas as soon as we can. This includes decorating theChristmas tree, putting up lights, stars, wreaths, candles, and otherdecorative stuff all around our homes. And perhaps the most important part ofour homes which need decoration is the outdoor area.

Here are 3 ways in which you can decorate your house exterior and give yourself a perfect Christmas décor:

Decorating the House entrance: The entrance of your house is one of the most important spots to decorate as it is the focal point of your house exterior. Be it guests who are arriving at your place or people just passing by your house, you will certainly want to make sure that your entrance is properly decorated with the Christmas themed items.

A sweet way to do this would be by decorating the door with wreaths and berries. Adding a bow also adds a lot. You can string up a garland across the top of the door and set up LED string lights along the left and right borders of the door.

A porch tree is also a great designing element for your front entrance. Adding UL clear lights further adds to the overall Christmas decor. You can even add other decorative items like holiday gift boxes tied with bows and attached with lights. And to add a cherry on the cake would be a Single Picture Frame Door Mat to tie it all together.

Christmas Lights: A very important part of Christmas is lights. Now, you can either set up regular lights of different colors or you can opt for single color themed lights like icicle lights. Set these up along the walkway that leads to your house entrance. And as mentioned earlier, another way to add lights to your exterior is to align them along your main door. This can greatly enhance your overall exterior décor, especially during the nights when you turn them on for every single person visiting you or even passing your house. A yard display: Yard displays can be attractive additions to your exterior Christmas décor. Be it an inflatable Santa with his heap of gifts or a couple of PVC reindeers attached with lights, or maybe both. After all, Santa’s reindeers can never be without Santa himself. Attach them with lights, maybe of the same color as the others to give bring together your overall Christmas décor. A yard display is a fun addition to your Christmas décor and certainly incorporates the jolliness and fun of Christmas.

There are numerous ways of decorating your house exterior for Christmas.All that you need is imagination and creativity. It’s Christmas and certainlydoes not really require any real planning. Let go of your thoughts, bringtogether everything you’ve got and decorate your house just the way you likeit. The 3 above-mentioned ways will help you guide your Christmas decorationsand make your house the part of a perfect Christmas carol.

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A Christmas Supper: 10 Table Décor Ideas for a Perfect Christmas Dinner

Christmas brings the joy of sharing withit. Since time immemorial, the occasion of Christmas has been associated with happiness,which comes with the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, along with ourloved ones. And an intrinsic part of this celebration is feasting; which callsfor a perfect dinner full of delicacies and in the most perfect Christmasfashion.

So, it is only natural that ourdining tables play an important role in Christmas feasting. This itselfrequires us to set them up in the most beautiful manner that carries theseasonal vibe.

A Dinner In Pink: The color pink exudes sweetness and warmth. Opt for a pink table cloth and add to it the touch of gold cutlery to give your guests the perfect homely vibe of warmth and celebration. You can even add a brown minimal flower vase with green and pink leaves to add a natural touch to your table.The Peppermint Potluck: Go for the immortal peppermint design for your dinner table. The combination of peppermint pink and white in your dinnerware and striped table runner of the same combination along with gold cutlery is sure to give your guests a perfect sweet dinner time. Twigs of rosemary are always welcome.Black & Gold Gets Never Old: Gold cutlery with black accents, white dinnerware with gold engravings, gold candle stands. All of this is sure to make your dinner of a rich taste.Play With Plaid: Always a Brit vibe, throw some plaids down your table cloth. Opt for bright combinations like bright red and blue, peppermint combination, etc. These carry a very cultural vibe that reminds one of the old times.A Dinner In Candle: Christmas is incomplete without candles. And an easy way to make for a beautiful candle setup for your dinner table is to cut out fir shapes from different shades of green paper stock and stick them up onto your candle holders. You can even add faux snow to show the winter vie. Set up the candles in the center of the table for a perfect magical candlelight Christmas dinner.What About Woodsy? : A woodsy themed centerpiece has its own fan-base. All you have to do is get a glass container and fill it with faux cranberries, unshelled nuts, cinnamon sticks, pine cones, and dried citrus. And then position it on top of a polished wooden slice and place this at the centre of your dinner table. You do not need anything else.Cheers to Chairs: A dinner table certainly incorporates chairs. And a perfect way to put your chairs into effect is with the help of mini wreaths tied to the chair frames. To top it up, tie a ribbon along. This is bound to make your guests feel a lot special as they truly are.Wine N Dine: Wines are a part of the Christmas feast, this we all know. But there is another way in which you can put to use your empty wine bottles i.e. by turning them into candle holders. To make them suit the occasion; wrap them up in silver paper and suitable-colored ribbons.A Fruity Feast: Fruits like pomegranates and apples are well associated with Christmas. Try incorporating them in your dinner delicacies and if not then you can always use them for your table runner decor.Wrap It Up With Wreaths: To complete the Christmas dinner look, set up a rustic wreath or two on the windows by your dinner table along with greens and pinecones. This gives your Christmas dinner a perfect finishing.

Other than the 10 ways mentionedhere, there are numerous other ways in which you can set up your Christmasdinner table. All you have to do is to look up on the internet or improvise.Either way, they are bound to make your Christmas dinner cherishable for alifetime, both for you and your guests.

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